Frequently Asked Questions for Graduate Applicants

Can I send you my application materials in advance for your review?

We are not able to review your application prior to submission.

I have a degree from another university but I am not sure if it will be accredited with the University of Arizona. How can I find out before applying if my degree will be accepted by the University of Arizona?

To check to see if your degree will be accepted, please email You will need to list the school, year and the type of degree.

Do I need a degree in mining to apply for your graduate program?

We accept students who have degrees in other disciplines. However, they must still have core courses appropriate for graduate work in mining, including three semesters of calculus (for some emphasis areas differential equations is required), one or two semesters of physics (depending on the emphasis area), statics (for some emphasis areas strength of materials and mechanics of fluids), and a basic understanding of geologic principles before applying to graduate school.

My GRE scores are not as high as I would have liked. Should I retake the exam again before applying?

As long as the test is taken before the deadline, then you are OK. Please put a memo in with your other application material stating the date the test was taken (or will be given). If you are given unofficial scores on the day that you take the test, please send them to our department via email at to include in your application file until the official scores are received.

What codes do I use to submit my GRE scores to the Graduate College?

To have your GRE scores sent to the University of Arizona, use institution code 4832.

Is there a minimum cutoff score for the TOEFL or GRE Exam?

International applicants must have a minimum TOEFL score of 550-paper based (PB) or 79-internet based (iBT) or IELTS-composite score of 7 (no subject area below 6). For the GRE exam there are no minimum cutoff scores; however, competitive applicants should strive to have scores in the 85th percentile.

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