MS and PhD Admissions Requirements

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Thank you for your interest in the MS in mining, geological and geophysical engineering degree or PhD in mining, geological and geophysical engineering degree at the University of Arizona.

Your application will be considered once you have submitted all required documentation. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed and will be automatically denied.


Please apply online through the UA Graduate College.
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Admissions Requirements

Prerequisite Coursework

We look for an academic background that includes three semesters of calculus (differential equations required for some areas of emphasis), one or two semesters of physics (depending on the emphasis area), statics (strength of materials and mechanics of fluids required for some areas of emphasis), and a basic understanding of geologic principles.


A minimum grade-point average of 3.00 based on a 4.00 scale is required for admission to the UA Graduate College. Applicant GPA is based on:

  • Twelve or more graded units obtained as a graduate student. 
  • Applicant's undergraduate record comprised of their most recent 60 graded units. 
  • Combination of the last 60 units of undergraduate and graduate coursework (two-year, full-time equivalent for non-U.S. or non-semester-type credit hours), when fewer than twelve units of graduate coursework have been completed. 

On very rare and exceptional circumstances will a student be accepted with a GPA below a 3.0. Prospective students holding a comparable bachelor's degree but not meeting the minimum 3.0 GPA requirement may still be eligible for admission as a graduate non-degree-seeking student.

Non-Degree-Seeking Status

Students who do not meet the GPA requirement with their undergraduate coursework may choose to enroll in graduate nondegree status. If a student completes twelve full-semester units of 500-level or higher coursework with a minimum 3.00 GPA, they are eligible to apply to a degree program.

Once a student has received twelve or more graduate units, the graduate GPA will be the only GPA used to finalize admission. Individual departments may still consider all coursework when making recommendation decisions for admission to a particular degree program.

Up to twelve non-degree-status units may be transferred into a graduate degree program, with the approval of the program and the Graduate College Degree Certification office.

See the Graduate College website for more information on GPA requirements.

Required Materials

  • Personal statement
  • Resume
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Unofficial transcripts from all universities or colleges attended (official transcripts will be required upon admittance)
  • GRE scores
  • TOEFL scores (international applicants only)

Standardized Tests

  • GRE: No minimum score required, but applicants should aim for scores in the 85th percentile or above.
  • TOEFL (international applicants only): minimum 550 on paper-based, or PB, test; OR minimum 79 on internet-based, or iBT, test
  • IELTS (international applicants only): minimum composite score of 7, with no subject area below 6

The GRE institution code for the University of Arizona is 4832. Other acceptable GRE institution codes are 1606 (UA geological/geophysical engineering) and 1607 (UA mining and mineral engineering).


If you have further questions that are not addressed by our Advice to Applicants or Frequently Asked Questions pages, please email

University of Arizona College of Engineering